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Quality certificates are an integral part of any export/import transaction and are a basic requirement for many global businesses selling their products overseas. As more and more of foreign companies enter the Russian and post-Soviet market space, the need for GOST-R product certificates, required by the Russian state, is increasing. GOST-R is the Russian equivalent of ISO, CE and TUV-DIN quality standard requirements used in the Western markets.

Product quality certification is an excellent way gain competitive advantage in the foreign export market by demonstrating your products’ superior quality attested to by an independent and fully accredited crevice center.

European Manufacturers on the Ukrainian Market:
UkrSEPRO Quality Standard

In the last years more and more european companies try to expand into eastern countries for entering new markets. Especially the Ukrainian market besides the Russian market seems to be big and lucrative. The Ukraine with more than 47 million habitants is after Russia the greatest european country with a highly developed, technological multi-layered industrie, which is mainly concentrated in the biggest cities.

The most important sectors of industry are:

  • machine construction
  • energy machine construction
  • electrotechnical industy
  • transport machinery, machine tool and agricultural machinery construction
  • metal processing for mining
  • metallurgical industry
  • aerospace industry

To be able to sell your products within the Ukraine an ukrainian product certification is necessary - UkrSEPRO.

What have european entrepreneurs to know in regard to quality standards of Ukraine? What is the UkrSEPRO certificate good for? GUS-Expert GmbH - the certification authority for CIS countries advises you on these and other issues reagarding the UkrSEPRO Certification.


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GOST-Expert Inc. is happy to announce that it has expended its presence to the North America. With the new subsidiary now opened in New Jersey, USA, the company will be serving its North American and US-based clients directly, offering the complete set of GOST certification services. For more infoation on our services or to requate a price quote in the US please contact our New Jersey office.

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