Certification for Belarus

The fast growing economy of Belarus and related to it reconstruction of enterprises, and production units' pursuit of competitive products pay greater attention to Western European products, particularly in the sphere of machine-building industry. Like any other country Belarus pays great attention to consumer protection and industrial safety. The government supervision, the law enforcement in the sphere of industrial safety and licensing of technical equipment applications are the main functions of the Department on Supervision of Safe Works Realization in the Industry of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus Republic (Gospromnadzor).

The Department performs the state supervision over::
  1. Facilities with chemical, physico-chemical and physical processes, where an explosive environment can be established (a mixture of gases, dust with air and other oxidants), ammonia refrigerating and chlorination plants, storage facilities with explosive chemical materials inside these producing units
  2. Metall (steel-smelting, foundry, pipe, rolling) producing units
  3. Gas-supply equipment and systems, gas-, oil- and products main pipelines, underground gas tanks
  4. Mining operations, including those, which are not connected with extraction of commercial minerals, underground and hydraulic engineering structures, well-drilling, geophysical works, extraction of solid, liquid and gas mineral resources, including drink water from wells of over 20 meters in depth
  5. Conservation of mineral resources and their rational use in mining operations, including extraction of underground potable water, and the use of mineral resources, not connected with their extraction, including construction of subways and tunnels of different application
  6. Lifting devices, steam generators and hot-water boilers, pressure vessels, steam and hot-water pipelines
  7. Transportation of dangerous goods by railway, road, air and inland water transport
  8. Geological survey maintenance in exploration, prospecting and exploitation of mineral deposits, the usage of subsurface resources, which is not connected with their extraction, as well as during construction of subways and tunnels of different application
  9. Execution of works in facilities, which perform utilization of ammunition
  10. Industrial explosive materials and pyrotechnical products, their development, production, processing, usage and sale, including explosives, obtained as a result of ammunition utilization
  11. Designing (construction), production and operation of technical equipment, used in critical infrastructures
  12. Critical infrastructure construction progress

This means that the products, delivered to the above listed industry fields, are subject to registration and obtaining the authorization for the use and design in compliance with the effective regulations of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of industrial safety. The registration and authorization is carried out by the Department on Supervision of Safe Works Realization in the Industry of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus Republic (Gospromnadzor).

Company GuS Expert has many years' working experience with Gospromnadzor. The established direct contacts and contracts give us the opportunity to perform a quick and transparent work on obtaining the authorization in the sphere of industrial safety. Being a reliable partner of Gospromnadzor, we use (give or have an opportunity to give) this advantage and the know-how scheme to our (Western European and North American) customers.

Let us transfer the theory into practice.

After we carry out an examination of preliminary technical documentation in coordination with experts from Gospromnadzor, the volume of products, subject to registration and authorization, is defined. On the basis of this volume the application for registration and authorization is filed. (We prepare the text in two languages.)

Depending on the equipment application Gospromnadzor appoints experts, who shall visit your enterprise. (There are usually 2 experts for 2-5 days).

Within a short period of time after the examination of production and/or equipment and on the basis of the experts' report on the industrial safety, the executive of Gospromnadzor grants an authorization for a period of validity of up to 3 years.


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